Site Rules

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    Violation of these rules may result in account termination, a warning level or loss of priveleges.

    1: General Rules
    2: Attitude towards other members and/or staff
    3: Warning levels
    4: Member ranks and custom titles
    5: Useful Links
    6: Reporting a Moderator
    7: Post Reporting System
    8: Sharing your Personal Information

  • 1: General Rules

    1. Always post in the correct board. This keeps the site organized and allows users to answer your questions faster.
    2. Members may not use the forums for any type of advertisements, personal or commercial.
    3. No swearing
    4. Don't post misleading subjects. Make the subject of your thread relevant to your topic.
    5. Do not reply to spam threads. Report the post to a mod instead. Any replies are considered spam too.
    6. Do not create a thread saying you are leaving, you are back, or that you love peanut butter.
    7. Do not create dupicate threads or one of a topic already being dicussed.
    8. No "word games" or any threads which result in many just 1 or 2 word replies at fast intervals, except in TheLounge.
    9. Staff may lock a thread at any time for any reason. If the reason is not obvious, a justification post will be made to explain the action. Do not make threads about locked threads.
    10. Do not post any material that may cause distress to others, this includes flashing images (triggers epilepsy), and 'screamers' (images that suddely change to a screaming face)
    11. If you copy anyone's words, please place a source link at the end of the post. This aknowledges that you copied it from there and that it's a reliable source.

  • 2: Attitude towards other members and/or staff

    1. Posts that belittle other members will not be tolerated.
    If someone comes here and asks for help, please give them a sensible answer and point them in the right direction. Do not make fun of them solely because they are new. We were all new one day and we all might have needed help likewise.
    2. If you cannot be civil when replying, please do not reply. This is a friendly community.
    3. Please do not try to convert anyone to your way of thinking whether it be your internet browser/religion preference/or any other kind of preference or choice. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should not be made to change theirs because you don't agree with it. If someone does ask for help with anything relating to 'their opinion', then either help them in a friendly way or ignore the thread/post.

  • 3: Warning levels
    Warning levels are as follows:
    • Any user with a minor violation, such as minor swearing or short ads, will get +5% on their warning level.
    • Any user commiting a medium violation, such as plagarism or disrespecting members, will get +10% on their warning level.
    • Any user commiting a major violations, such as mass spam / advertising, excessing disrespect or posting inapropriate content.

    Upon reaching a total of 50%, that user is subject to a rank change, whether it be a standard member or a staff member.Upon reaching a total of 100%, that user is subject to a punishment, from banning to a disabled account. This policy is in place to limit bad behavior on this forum. Members with a custom title that receive a warning will have the custom title removed. The title can be restored after the warning is gone.

    The warning level is only visible to staff and the member. Other members cannot see your warning level, unless you have received a written warning for a bigger offense.

    Do not post about your warning or your warning level. If you have a question about your warning, PM a mod.
    Warning reductions are not automatic, you need to PM an admin each week to request one, a reduction will only be done if behaviour has been ok since last increase or reduction. Your warning level can decrease if you are told to take an action to fix your violation by a staff memeber.

    4: Ranks & Staff

    Full details on ranks can be found here

  • 5: Useful Links
    Terms of Service
    Privacy Policy
    ToS violation report
    Server Status

  • 6: Reporting a Moderator

    I feel that a moderator has acted unfairly. What can I do?

    1) Contact an Administrator to state your case. Your complaint will be discussed between other staff members. Once a final decision has been made regarding the situation, you will be informed via PM.

    2) If you have a complaint regarding the actions or decisions of an admin, you can send those complaints to TheNerd. As with the other messages, please be clear and to the point.

  • 7: Post Reporting System
    In the event that you see a post you think breaks a rule or could be offensive/distasteful, click the options button on that post and click 'Report to Mod'.
    Be sure to include a valid reason for your report, even if you think the reason is blatant.
    The staff will review each report and, if necessary, you will be contacted to discuss the outcome or for additional details.
    Please refrain from using the report feature unless you think it is an actual infraction.
    Repeated reports without proper justification or any abuse of the system may result in a warning or loss of privileges

  • 8: Sharing your Personal Information

    Please be sure to be careful when sharing your personal information online.

    This is a forum, and as such has many members from all over the world. If you are under 18, you should not share your personal information with anyone without the permission of your parents. Even if you are 18 or older, please be careful with who you share your personal information with.

Updated: September 28, 2013